Truckfest Australia is a mobile transport marketing solution catered towards companies servicing the transport industry. The founders of Truckfest, Stephen Proglio of Truck Apparel Australia and Chris Smith from Australian Custom Trucks magazine, are seasoned truck show exhibitors.  Between the two they have been to almost every truck show and convoy in Australia.
The reason they have ventured into a rolling marketing campaign is to get more exposure to the grass roots transport industry.
The costs associated with getting to the major shows every couple of years can be very high for small companies and the amount of time taken to get to the regional shows and set up stands, pay for accommodation and staff can add up very quickly for the larger companies as well.
With this in mind the two offer a service that allow a company to have its marketing collateral taken on the show circuit exposing t brands to over 250,000 rural and regional operators every year. This is apposed to an average of 50,000 a year attending the three major biannual shows.
Signage is available on the trailer for sponsorship opportunities and space is available for marketing collateral to be available at the shows.  Call today to get your brand where it needs to be!
For advertising or promotional bookings please call Chris Smith on 0415264412 or Stephen Proglio 0408266504.
Truckfest Mobile Marketing: Getting your brand to the right market!

Why Truckfest? 

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