Investing in your business future

The Truckfest Trailer can take your products and or services to new markets.

The Truckfest Trailer at the Koroit Truck Show with the Samios Tyres stand set up next to it.

Australian Custom Trucks magazine, in partnership with Truck Apparel Australia, is pleased to offer our services to support your business in achieving its goals of improving market penetration by a direct marketing channel tailored towards the trucking industry.

We are engaging with transport industry suppliers committed to improving customer experiences through directly interacting with rural and regional transport operators and other industry suppliers.

  • We will improve your market penetration across Australia.
  • We will cross promote your product through our publications and online marketing channels including social media, websites and electronic direct marketing (EDM) activities.
  • We will take the burden off your suppliers, dealerships and sales and marketing team and provide an easier alternative for attending trade shows and transport events across the country.

Cost Analysis

For a regional show, it costs between $1,500 to $10,000 to attend. This includes staff costs, travelling expenses, transporting stock and marketing material. For major events including the Brisbane Truck Show, Perth Truck Show or Melbourne International Truck, Trailer and Equipment Show (ITTES) the costs range from $3500 plus much more, dependent on the size of the display. This doesn’t include staff expenses, travel expenses and stock expenses. These events however are every two years. The major truck shows are only every second year and official estimates average to approximately 100,000 attendees combined over the three shows every two years. Averaging 50,000 per year. Our proposal gets your product in front of 300,000 attendees per year at a significantly cheaper rate and a deeper level of market penetration by targeting the big and small shows.

The Opportunity

  • We understand the costs involved in attending truck shows all too well having attended most of the major transport events across the nation. Our objective is to give our clients a cheaper alternative to reach a larger customer base.
  • The opportunity to have your product to over 250,000 thousand people in one to one interaction as well as through a dedicated website, through our partner website, through social media and through advertising opportunities throughout the year.
  • Generate new leads, find new suppliers, customers and create market acceptance.

The Solution

  • Signage on a dedicated trailer promoting your business while we travel to Australia’s most successful rural and regional events.
  • A vehicle to carry your stock.
  • At the event, you will have a dedicated display for your marketing collateral and or your product/service.
  • We will provide an area to display your advertisements and commercials on our dedicated audio-visual system.
  • We can provide space for promotional material or to capture customer information and leads depending on your requirements.
  • We will set up an area dedicated to your product and/or services and ensure your local suppliers or sales staff can have marketing materials and product available. All they need to do is attend the event if they choose to.
  • A dedicated website to promote our trailer for upcoming shows so that attendees know what show specials will be available.


Australian Custom Trucks publisher Chris Smith is a veteran of the transport marketing industry. He is an accomplished journalist, public relations professional and has worked for the best transport publications in Australia. He has also worked for the two leading corporate transport events, the Brisbane Truck Show and the Melbourne International Truck, Trailer and Equipment Show (ITTES). He also works closely with rural events including the Casino Truck Show, Koroit Truck Show and the Lights on the Hill Convoy helping to promote these events. Truck Apparel Australia owner Stephen Proglio is an entrepreneur selling the very popular Stay Loaded T-shirt brand in Australia. He has spent nearly two decades as a truck driver and has attended almost every transport event in the country. Between the two they have a definitive grasp on which truck shows are commercially viable for a supplier and where to generate the best sales leads.

The Team

  • Set up your stand/display
  • Aid with customer inquiry
  • Capture leads
  • Ensure the site meets OHS standards
  • Provide site insurance

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